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attacking sailor senshi, being a dick to everyone but kunzite, being a troll, being an asshole, being beautiful, being comforted by kunzite, being fabulous, being jealous, being petty, being petulant, being pretty, being right, being short-sighted, being worthy of kunzite's affection, cherry blossoms, clinging to kunzite, coffee, crying in kunzite's lap, dishing it out and not taking it, dressing as sailor moon, dying in kunzite's arms, fighting with nephrite, flowers, gardens, harassing nephrite, i hate nephrite, i love kunzite, ice spears, kidnapping naru to piss off nephrite, killing nephrite, kunzite, kunzite is mine, kunzite thinking i'm beautiful, kunzite turns my knees to jelly, looking feminine, mocking jadeite, mocking laughter, nephrite sucks, not being dubbed as a girl, not being killed by queen beryl, not cats, not having my face scratched, not kunzite saying others are pretty, not rats, not sailor moon's cat, not sewers, not thinking things through, not tuxedo mask, nuzzling kunzite's hand, pink roses, pissing off nephrite, pouting, pragmatic villainy, precious stones, queen beryl, sex with kunzite, stabbing tuxedo mask, sulking, teenage hormones, thinking i'm perfect, whining to kunzite
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